Closing an account

How do I close my account?

Accounts can be closed via our call center, PowerCall. Please follow the steps below.

Before contacting PowerCall, check your account balance through our online banking service, Power Direct, or at an ATM.

If you are currently overseas; please click here.

Check your account balance through our online banking service, Power Direct, or at an ATM.

If you have a 0 balance in your account,

Close your account by Procedure Request Form

If you have money in your account,

you are encouraged to transfer the money online to your account at another bank.
How to make a domestic fund transfer

Online fund transfers can be made free of charge depending on your stage of our Step Up program.

When you transfer the money and your account is empty, please contact via Web Form Consultation*1 to close your account*2

and wish to proceed to the account closure procedures leaving the money in your account.

The money will be transferred to your designated account at another bank for a fee of JPY 529.
If the amount of money in your account is JPY 529 or less, it will be transferred free of charge.

Please contact via Web Form Consultation*1 to get the account closure request form.

Fill in, sign (or affix your registered seal), and mail the form to us.

Your account will be closed in 10 days after you mail the form as long as the form is perfectly filled in.

When you do not have an account for receiving the balance in your account, please come to our branches handling cash by 14:30 to terminate your account.
Please bring your seal together with your cash card if you have registered your seal instead of your signature.
※ Ginza, Shibuya, Futakotamagawa, Machida, Tsudanuma, Kashiwa and Senrichuo Branches, Satellite Lounges and SBI Shinsei Bank Money Plaza do not handle cash.

Before contacting via Web Form Consultation, customers who transferred the money in their account so as to close their account by phone are requested to confirm that the money transfer is successfully done to empty the account.

*1 We will call you back at the phone number provided on the form.
For personal identification we will confirm your account number (3 digit branch code + 7 digit account number), 4 digit PIN code, and birthday (MMDD) for verification.

*2 There may be some cases where customers are required to follow the account closure procedures by post or at a branch instead of by phone.

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