【GoRemit】 Where do I send the funds when making remittances with GoRemit?

※Individual customers registered to use the GoRemit smartphone app may also debit funds directly from their PowerFlex account.

【Account to transfer funds to】
・Bank Name/Branch Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Chuo Branch (Branch Number 763)
・Account Name : SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited (Japanese: カ)エスビーアイシンセイギンコウ)
・Account Type: Futsu Yokin
・Account Number: Account number specified by us (*1)
・Sender's Name: The name you have registered with us (*2)

*1 You can confirm your Account Number via the below methods.

【Business (Corporate/Self-Employed) customers】
The Account Number is displayed on the remittance request complete screen on the GoRemit Online Service. It is also shown on the Beneficiary Registration Letter.

【Individual Customers】
The Account Number can be confirmed via the smartphone app. For details on how to confirm, please see the FAQ.
Customers not using the smartphone app can confirm the account number on the Beneficiary Registration Letter. Additionally, if you wish to make several transfers to the same designated collection account to be combined into a single overseas remittance, please contact us in advance. If we are not contacted in advance, each transfer received will be sent as a separate overseas remittance and remittance fees will be deducted accordingly.

*2 Please ensure that you transfer funds in the name you have registered with us. Transfers received in a name other than the one registered may be delayed or rejected.

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