[Smartphone authentication service] What procedure do I need to do when changing to another smartphone?

STEP 1) Please unregister Smartphone Authentication on your old device

If you change to another smartphone, you will be required to unregister from the smartphone authentication service (Credential ID *1) and re-register your credential ID from your new smartphone.
(*1): Credential ID refers to the ID of the "VIP Access" app required to use the smartphone authentication service.

Please apply through our Procedure Request Form (click here).
When using our procedure form, please refer to the English guide (click here).

Normally your request will be completed within one hour. However, please note that it may take longer during night hours or peak times.
*During the application process, we will need to verify your identity by checking your account number, PIN, and confirming receipt of an SMS on your registered mobile phone. If you are unable to receive SMS or use the procedure form for any reason, please refer to the information below.
*Please note that our procedure form is not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend using a different browser.
*Procedure Request Form is not avaliable during daily maitenance hour from 0:00 AM to 6:00 AM.

*If you are unable to use our procedure request form, please contact our PowerCall (call center) for assistance.
【PowerCall (Call Center)】(available 24/7)
Toll-free 0120-456-858
*We may assist you through Interpreter Service when English speaking operators are unavailable.

STEP 2) Please re-register your Credential ID from your new smartphone

① Please login to Power Direct with your branch code (3 digits) / account number (7 digits) and Power Direct password.

②Click "Registered Information" on the top right and then click "Smartphone Authentication".
※From smartphone: Tap "Customer Support" on the top right and then tap "Smartphone Authentication".

③ Download the "VIP Access for Mobile" app on your smartphone.

④When the download is completed, read “Customer Agreement on Smartphone Authentication” and tick the box; “Customer Agreement on Smartphone Authentication I agree with the above and download the Smartphone Application”.

⑤SMS or Telephone Authentication are required to register Smartphone Authentication on your new device.
Please enter an authentication code you receive via SMS or telephone into an input filed and click “submit” on PowerDirect.

Termination of the Issuance of Security Code Cards and Addition of New Authentication

⑥Open the "VIP Access for Mobile" app on your smartphone and confirm the Credential ID and security code displayed on the app. Input this information on Power Direct and click "Register (Smartphone Authentication)".

⑦Approve the push notification shown on your smartphone to display the "Registration Complete" screen on the smartphone authentication terminal.

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