【GoRemit Overseas Remittance Service】Regarding changing of remittance limits. In what circumstances am I required to send "Documentation to validate the source of funds being remitted" and "Documentation to validate the purpose of remittance"?

When your requested single, monthly or annual remittance limits exceed our designated standard limits you will be required to submit supporting documents.

【Individual Customers】Standard Limits
Single Remittance:1,200,000 yen
Monthly Limit:1,200,000 yen
Annual Limit:1,200,000 yen

【Corporate/ Self Employed Business Customers】Standard Limits
Single Remittance:2,000,000 yen
Monthly Limit:3,600,000 yen
Annual Limit:3,600,000 yen

Please checkhere for a list of documents that can be submitted.

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