Is there a limit to the amount that can be deposited?
There is no limit for deposits made into PowerFlex accounts. However, please note partner ATMs may have set deposit amounts(usually 500,000 yen) per transaction. In that case, please repeat the transactions until you have deposited the desired amount.

Please click here for details about transaction fee.

<Regarding free withdrawals for all customers from ATMs at affiliated convenience stores, etc.>
From 6th February 2023 , the withdrawal fee from ATMs at affiliated convenience stores, etc. for all customers who hold an account with us is free of charge. Standard stage customers are limited to 5 free withdrawals a month, however to commemorate the change of the Bank's name,standard stage customers will also be able to enjoy unlimited free withdrawals until 31st March 2024.
*Please click here for details.

【Applicable affiliated convenience store, etc. ATMs】
Seven Bank ATMs, Enet ATMs, LAWSON ATMs, AEON BANK ATMs, Patsat ATMs, JR East Japan Railway ATMs (VIEW ALTTE).
*Please be advised that when using Japan Post Bank ATMs (including those located in Family Mart convenience stores), Major City Bank ATMs, Mitsubishi UJF Trust Bank ATMs, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank ATMs, and Shoko Chukin Bank ATMs, a withdrawal fee of 110 yen (tax included) will be charged per withdrawal regardless of customer stage.

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