What characters can I use to enter 'remitter' and 'beneficiary' information?

Characters which can be used:
Both single-byte and double-byte characters can be used.
*Single-byte characters or lower case characters will be switched to double-byte or upper case ones automatically on the Submit screen.

1. Katakana··· single-byte / double-byte
Sound Kana Mark··· ゙, ゚
*Please note small kana (e.g.ツ→ッ(small kana)) symbol is not used on the bank transfer system. These characters will be converted to uppercase kana automatically.
** Please note Kanji(漢字) characters are not used when searching or entering bank information.
2. Numeric···single-byte / double-byte
3. Alphabet···single-byte / double-byte and upper case / lower case
4. Symbols··· ,(comma) .(dot) ( ) / -(minus)

Instructions for entering the Remitter's name:
The Remitter’s name can be changed from the account holder’s name to another name on Power Direct (Internet banking).
Additional information such as reference number or invoice number can also be added before or after the Remitter’s name.
*Up to 48 characters including the account holder’s name.
Please note that the beneficiary may not see all character on the passbook, etc.
Examples:(Instructions for sending money to a limited liability company, etc...)

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