Please tell me the contents that can be processed online or via automated voice system without having to wait for my call to be connected.

Please click the channel for your desired procedure from the list below.

Category Inquiry Channel
Regarding Internet Banking Unlock and Reset Internet Banking password (Power Direct Password)

Unlock security code card due to incorrect login attempt
Please click here.
・Deregistration from smartphone authentication
*Required when changing smartphone
Please click here
Regarding Re-issuing of various items and Issuing of Balance Certificate ・Re-issue Cash Card
・Re-issue Monthly Statement
・Re-issue PIN
Procedure Request Form
・Issue Balance Certificate Please click here
Changing of Personal Details ・Change Name, Address, Phone number / Register or Change Alert E-mail Address Internet banking
Closing Account ・Closing an Account with No Balance Procedure Request Form
Regarding Transfers ・Domestic Fund Transfer
・Domestic Fund Transfer Inquiry
Internet banking
・International Wire Transfer GoRemit
*Separate application is required.
・Errors/problems when making a transfer Please click here
Limit Changes ・ATM、J-Debit Withdrawal Limit Change Internet banking
・Daily Domestic Fund Transfer Limit Change Up to 2 million Yen Internet banking
・Daily Domestic Fund Transfer Limit Change
More than 2 million Yen
Please click here

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