Confirmation of Your Period of Stay

【Residence Card】How can I submit the renewed validity information of my Residence Card?

Please login to internet banking and upload an image of your residence card and update your period of stay from the "Registered Information".
※From smartphone : tap "Customer Support" on the top right → ”Renew Residence Card”.

If you need to change your registered address and/or name as well, please check here.

We will also send a letter of confirmation requesting for the renewed Residence Card information prior to the current expiration date of your period of stay in Japan on the Residence Card.
If you can not use internet banking, please post us the registration form with the following necessary documents enclosed.

≪Required Identification documents≫
We request that you attach a copy of your renewed Residence Card (both sides) to confirm your “Period of Stay” to the enclosed attachment form and post it to us. Please send this by the expiry date of the period of stay indicated above.

If you lost the confirmation letter for my Residence Card validity renewal, please follow the procedure below.
1. Download and print out the application form and postage paid return envelope.
2. Write your 10-digit account number, name and address on the form.
3. Attach a copy of your current Residence Card (both sides), and post it to us with the postage paid return envelope.

>在留カード貼付用紙 Paste paper for residence card

>返信用封筒 Return envelope

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