Confirmation of Your Period of Stay

【Residence Card】 What restrictions are placed on the account when the period of stay of my Residence Card has expired?

The following restrictions will be placed on the account.
・Transactions which involve movement of funds, such as cash withdrawals at ATMs, remittance (fund transfer) requests from your account
・Early amount specified repayments for Home Mortgage by Power Direct (Shinsei online banking)
・Repayment of Smart Card Loan Plus from your PowerFlex account.
・Monthly statement posting (mailing)

However the following transactions are executed regardless of the restriction.
・Direct Debits(Automatic payments from your Yen savings account)
・Home Mortgage payments by direct term debiting, partial advance repayment(Smart Repayment)
・PowerBuilder fund Direct Debits to your Yen savings account for the 2nd time onward
・Automatic withdrawals for the 2nd time for PowerBuilder

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