Confirmation of Your Period of Stay

【Residence Card】How can I have my account unblocked if I forgot to submit my renewed Residence Card validity information?

We request that you attach a copy of your current Residence Card (both sides) to confirm your “Period of Stay” to the enclosed attachment form and post it to us.
We will lift restrictions when the registration of your renewed Residence Card is completed.

If you have lost the letter for “Confirmation of Period of Stay” please use the link below to download the application form.
【Residence Card】 What should I do if I lost or misplaced the confirmation letter for my Residence Card validity renewal?

【If you are in a hurry to unlock your account】
Please visit one of our branches to update your “Period of Stay”.
Please bring your cash card, your current and valid Residence Card (if you have changed your address, please bring the updated Residence Card with your new address on it), and your registered personal seal or registered signature.

Please click on the link below to confirm our branch locations.
Branch Locations

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